Epalladio Art Workshop is bringing you an experience of daily life in ancient times!

Since 1984

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Welcome to our website! Since 1984 Epalladio Art Workshop has crafted ceramics and other modern artistic sculptural items with great care and a deep respect for ancient tradition.




Ancient Ceramic Olive Oil Lamps 


Experience the unique light of our handmade oil lamps!!

New!! Oil Lamp collections depicting early Christian period. 


Ocarina the pathway to ancient music !  Aromatherapy 


                    Clay Ocarina flutes

 Play  wonderful melodies with our ocarinas.

Aromatherapy Lamps

Aromatherapy, heal the mind and spirit, with this unique defusers



Cycladic civilization 3200-2000 B.C Pomegranate Lamps


Cycladic idols 


The power of simplicity.


Mythological Pomegranate Lamps

Health and prosperity, joy and good fortune.
The ancient myth of the pomegranate.


Epalladio modern creations



             Abstract clay Sculptures Promotional gifts







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