Epalladio has been producing and marketing quality replicas for years now, with gratifying response.

Dear Visitor,

Epalladio welcomes your interest in our artistic creations. It is always exciting to share information about our work with others who appreciate our art. My wife, Lotte Neumann, and I, Noufris Papatzanakis, have been working side by side to get the word out that epalladio is expanding production.
Epalladio Art Workshop was established in 1984, as a small family business continuing the long tradition of ancient times art. We have focused on reproducing some of the essential ceramic pieces of the ancient past for use and decoration in today’s homes. Our signature product line are the Oil Lamps. We manufacture replicas of ancient Minoan, Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern lamps, as well as votive objects, inspired from the original designs as seen in museums around the world. Because we enjoy the atmosphere that these wonderful lamps create in our own home, we think that you will, too.
In our museum research, we have also become attracted to the votive objects of the Cycladic Civilization. You may have seen images of some of the small clay and marble Cycladic figurines, that continue to display the power of the simplicity of pre-historic cultures to this day. Epalladio has been producing and marketing quality replicas for years now, with gratifying response. These images certainly make interesting conversation when displayed in the right places, at home or in the work place. Recently, however, with a more modern audience in mind, Lotte and I have come to see our own personal interest in the ancient holistic approach to health as something others might also find useful today.
Our Aroma -therapy Lamps are attractive and functional and add final element to a sense- satisfying (and healthy) ambiance home. Our Aromatherapy Lamps are wholly different from what exist on the market. Epalladio Art Workshop is located in the rich historic area of Chania, on the island of Crete. Crete has the distinction of having the longest history of ceramics art making in the Mediterranean world, five thousand years of uninterrupted production beginning in Minoan times.
And, much like the Minoans, we ship worldwide! We hope you enjoy the tour of our web site and if you have any question please send us an e-mail at

We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Best Regards,
Noufris Papatzanakis
Lotte Neumann

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