Greatest among the known religious events in Greek antiquity was the Olympic Festival, dedicated to the god Zeus, supreme head of the ancient Greek Pantheon.



 The Olympic Festival was the paramount symbol of the spirit and unity of Ancient Greece.

The Epalladio Olympia Collection is made of high fired stoneware clay. Each relief tile has a wooden backing for hanging on the wall. The tiles represent the most characteristic competitions and athletes surrounded by the symbolic olive leaves of Olympia. These quality pieces have the durability and symbolism of one of the greatest times of human achievement.

The Olympia relief tiles are a great way to decorate your home, office or classroom. Any where you put them they will present the symbolic values of the Olympic Games. Everyone deserves a gift like these. They are practical, of high quality, and are truly one of a kind items. For promotional gifts as well. With there many meanings and quality materials one can see that the Epalladio Olympia Collections are a true find.

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