Evidence suggests that essential oils have been used for centuries by peoples around the world, from the far east to the far west.



Aromatherapy is the art and science of using oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance health and beauty. The essential oils distilled from plants and used in aromatherapy have been described as “the life force,” essential to the plants’ biological processes, as well as the substance which gives them their scent.

In addition to physical benefits, essential oils can be used to relax the mind and to soothe emotions. Employed for the attainment of spiritual enlightenment, and for their medicinal properties, as well as burned in sacred tribute to the gods, essential oils have long played an essential role in civilized societies. Evidence suggests that essential oils have been used for centuries by peoples around the world, from the far east to the far west.

 An herbal book compiled by the herbalist, Shen Nung, indicates that the Chinese were using herbal therapies from as early as 2700 b.c. In Egypt aromatic oils were used in the embalming process, for massage, and in religious ceremonies. The ancient Minoan Civilization on Crete made wide use of the thousands of aromatic and medicinal plants which flourish still on the island. The Greeks of the mainland continued the practice.

 A book on herbal medicine by the Greek physician Pedacius Dioscorides has served for over 1200 years as a standard medical reference for herbal remedies in the West. The Romans found further uses for aromatics in bathing and massage regimes, and expanded their trade by importing plants from East India and Arabia. For over 3000 years the Indians have used aroma therapies in their traditional medicinal practice known as Ayurveda.

The history of aroma therapy is a long one, persisting to the present day, and enjoying the support of credible doctors and scientists worldwide. Epalladio Art Workshop offers you the opportunity to benefit from aromatherapy safely and conveniently in your home or business through our collection of aromatherapy lamps. Our collection consists of seven designs inspired by the early Cretan Neolithic vase forms. These so-called lamps let off a lovely, subtle light, while permeating the space with the luxuriously sensual, health-giving fragrances of your choice.

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