Ocarinas have impressed and delighted music makers for thousands of years.

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Eight and six hole ocarinas inspired by original ancient forms and designs







                    Lyra    Code: 06L11 Length: 13 cm -5 in                         Arpa   Code: 06L12 Length: 14cm -5.5 in



                 Formix         Code: 06L13 Length:: 14cm -5.5 in

                 Cleo     Code: 06L14 Length: 13 cm - 5 in


          Thalia         Code: 06L15 Length:  10cm - 4 in
                   Padura       Code: 06L16   Length:   13cm - 5 in


        Mesi         Code: 06L17 Length:  16cm -6 in
               Musigetis   Code: 06SL18 Length: 18cm -7 in


             Mousa         Code: 06L19 Length:  15cm - 5. in
                Thyavlos       Code: 06L20 Length: 13.5cm - 6 in





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