The ocarina remained a very popular toy, entertaining children and adults alike throughout Europe for nearly 350 years.






Eight and six hole ocarinas inspired by original ancient forms and designs  






                     Meleti      Code: 06LO1        Length: 10 cm -4 in
                        Kohili     Code: 06LO2     Length: 12.5cm -5 in



                 Avlos         Code: 06LO3 Length:: 11.5cm -4.5 in


                 Urania     Code: 06LO4 Length: 9 cm - 3.5 in



           Erato         Code: 06LO5 Length:  13cm - 5.5 in


                   Mnimosini   Code: 06LO6   Length:13cm - 5.5 in


              Kitharis         Code: 06LO7 Length:  14cm -5 in


               Kalliopi       Code: 06SLO8 Length: 14cm -5 in


             Sirix         Code: 06LO9 Length:  12cm - 4.5 in


                Ypati       Code: 06L10 Length: 15cm - 6 in




8 Hole Ocarina SCALES

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